• NHS Blood Drive:

    This year, the National Honor Society at WRV invited the American Red Cross to our school for a blood drive early in the semester. I was thinking I'd schedule it a couple weeks after school started to give ourselves enough time to advertise and get people excited about donating. However, I did not anticipate "Winter Break 2.0"! A snow storm came through the weekend before the drive and we ended up getting three days off school. For us, this meant we were left with only one day to advertise before the day of the blood drive. We did our best to put up signs and spread the word like wild fire. We had several students sign up online that day so I was feeling optimistic that we might at least get close to our goal of 35 pints of donated blood. Thanks to everyone's generosity and willingness to donate, the drive collected 39 pints! More than 50 students, staff, or members of the community contributed to that total. I'm very proud and impressed that we were able to pull that off in just one day of preparation. I can't wait for our next drive to see if we can get even more participation! 
    - Zachary Gummersheimer, NHS Sponsor
  • NHS Applications:

    National Honor Society Invitations have been given out! Applications are due to the front office or to me (Mr. Gummersheimer) by Wednesday @ 3:10 pm. On Thursday or Friday of this week, you will receive an invitation to induction if you were selected to join this year. Induction is planned for Monday the 12th @ 6 pm. The invitation currently says 5:30, but will be pushed back to 6 to allow for as many parents and students to get there as possible. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions.