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Principal's Message

Welcome to White River Valley High School, home of the Wolverines!  I am proud to be the leader of such a great group of students, faculty and staff, and school community members.  Here at WRV we are truly a family that look out for each other and work as a team.  We strive to provide each and every student a positive high school experience built on rigor, relevance, and relationships that helps them develop the skills to be successful adults. 

Our size is one of our greatest assets.  With just under 250 students we are able to maintain small, student-centered class sizes.  Despite our small size, we offer a variety of AP and dual credit courses, multiple graduation pathways, industry certifications, and we are partnered with the Twin Rivers CTE area.  Our Wolverine Enterprise student run businesses (juniors and seniors) is recognized across the state as a trailblazing program for our students.  Outside of the classroom students can explore a variety of interests participating in extracurricular activities like the performing arts, clubs and service organizations, and athletics.  We truly offer something for every student to explore and discover their passions.  

Our successes at White River Valley High School are a culmination of all stakeholders.  Our students are energetic and excited about their high school experiences.  Our staff sets a high standard of expectations while at the same time creating a safe, caring, and compassionate learning environment.  Our parents and community members are engaged and invested in our successes as a school.  We are a true family that works together.  

I am proud to be a member of the Wolverine Family.  Let’s have a fantastic school year.


Doug Lewis, Principal [email protected]
Nate O'Neall, AD/Dean of Students  [email protected] 

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