Local Scholarships

These scholarships are typically awarded each year. We leave the entire list posted so seniors can see that there are several scholarship opportunities available. As the scholarships are announced each year, the deadline for the application and the link to the application and/or website are updated on the website. As we become aware that a scholarship will no longer be offered, we remove the scholarship from the list.

Name of Scholarship   Deadline  How to Apply
 Wabash Valley Community Foundation Closed for 2023-2024 Wabash Valley Community Foundation Scholarship Applications
 Lilly Scholarship Closed for 2023-2024  Lilly Endowment Scholarship Application
Crane Credit Union Scholarship  Closed for 2022-2023 Crane Credit Union Scholarship Application
Greene County Literacy Coalition Essay Contest  September 16, 2023 Greene County Literacy Coalition Essay Contest
 Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship November 14, 2023 Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship Application
 Elks National Foundation: Scholarships for Elks Families February 5, 2024  Elks Family Scholarship Application
 The Kenneth J. "KJ" Green Health Professions Scholarship March 15, 2024 The Kenneth J. "KJ" Green Health Professions Scholarship Application 
 Judith K. Bobe Scholarship Closed for 2022-2023 Judith K. Bobe Scholarship Application
 Dr. David Mullis Scholarship Closed for 2022-2023 Dr. David Mullis Scholarship Application
 American Legion Post 106 Scholarship Closed for 2022-2023 American Legion Post 106 Scholarship Application
 Physicians of Greene County Scholarship Closed for 2022-2023 Physicians of Greene County Scholarship Application
Dr. Mathias and Eleanor Mount Memorial Scholarship  Closed for 2022-2023 Dr. Mathias & Eleanor Mount Memorial Scholarship Application
Greene County Master Gardeners Scholarship Closed for 2022-2023 Greene County Master Gardeners Scholarship Application
Wabash Valley Herb Society (Daniel-Stevenson-Mertens Memorial Scholarship) Closed for 2022-2023 Wabash Valley Herb Society Application
 Larry Hyde Memorial Scholarship Fund Closed for 2022-2023 Larry Hyde Memorial Scholarship Application
 Linton Shopping Center Scholarship Closed for 2022-2023 Linton Shopping Center Scholarship Application
 Stephen L. Campbell Scholarship Closed for 2022-2023 Stephen L. Campbell Scholarship Application
 Worthington Lions Club Scholarship Closed for 2022-2023

Worthington Lions Club Scholarship Application

 The William and Edna (Baker) Harrell Memorial Scholastic Scholarships Closed for 2022-2023 William & Edna (Baker) Harrell Memorial Scholastic Scholarship Application
Delta Nu Chapter Worthington Tri-Kappa Scholarship Closed for 2022-2023 Delta Nu Chapter Worthington Tri Kappa Scholarship Application
 Evan Sipes Memorial Scholarship Closed for 2022-2023 Evan Sipes Memorial Scholarship Application
 Greene County Foundation Closed for 2022-2023 Greene County Foundation Scholarship Applications
 One Time Hunt Club Scholarship Closed for 2022-2023 One Time Hunt Club Scholarship Application
 Braiden Haton "Always the Best" Scholarship Closed for 2022-2023 Braiden Haton “Always the Best” Scholarship Application
 Worthington-Jefferson High School Scholarship Closed for 2022-2023 Worthington-Jefferson High School Scholarship Application
 Thomas McIntosh Scholarship for Entrepreneurial Tenacity  Closed for 2022-2023 Thomas McIntosh Scholarship for Entrepreneurial Tenacity Scholarship Application
 Greene County Veterans' Council Scholarship Closed for 2022-2023  Greene County Veterans' Council Scholarship Application
 Teddy York Memorial Scholarship Closed for 2022-2023  Teddy York Memorial Scholarship Application