Regional/National Scholarships

These scholarships are typically awarded each year. We leave the entire list posted so seniors can see that there are several scholarship opportunities available. As the scholarships are announced each year, the deadline for the application and the link to the application and/or website are updated on the website. As we become aware that a scholarship will no longer be offered, we remove the scholarship from the list. 
 Name of Scholarship  Deadline Application 
 Innovate WithIN Scholarship  February 3, 2023 Innovate WithIN Scholarship Application 
 Society of Plastics Engineers - Central Indiana Section Scholarship April 15, 2023  Society of Plastics Engineers 
Central Indiana Section Scholarship Application

Society of Plastics Engineers
Central Indiana Section Joseph B. Williams Memorial Scholarship Application

 Agriculture Future of America Scholarship March 9, 2023   Agriculture Future of America Scholarship Application
Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship  January 31, 2023   Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship Info

Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship Application
 United Producers,Inc. Scholarship  Closed for 2021-2022 United Producers, Inc. Scholarship Application 
 Heisman High School Scholarship Closed for 2022-2023 Heisman High School Scholarship Application 
 Jack Kent Cooke College Scholarship Closed for 2022-2023 Jack Kent Cooke College Scholarship Application
Hagan Scholarship Foundation  Closed for 2022-2023 Hagan Scholarship Foundation Application
 Knights of Pythias Educational Assistance Closed for 2022-2023 Knights of Pythias Educational Assistance Info and Application
Helena Acre HomeGrown Scholarship   Closed for 2021-2022 Helena Acre HomeGrown Scholarship Info
 Indiana Sheriffs' Association Scholarship April 1, 2023 Indiana Sheriffs' Association Scholarship Application
 Indiana Oil & Gas Association Scholarship April 1, 2023 Indiana Oil & Gas Association Scholarship Application
Horatio Alger Scholarship   March 15, 2023  Horatio Alger Scholarship Application
Indiana Public Works Association Closed for 2021 Indiana Public Works Association Scholarship Application