Academic Team

Academic Super Bowl:

  • The Academic Super Bowl is a great way to get kids involved in the subject area of their choosing, to delve into areas that go beyond the normal state standards. Each year all competitions revolve around a theme that is integrated in each discipline. We will be getting information in September for each round of competition that will highlight the topics studied, centered around World War I. Each discipline will study topics specifically in Math, Science, English, Social Studies, and Fine Arts that tie back to the happenings during that time period. An example, could be that mathematics was used to identify targets and calculate trajectories to hit targets, as well as to continue to be inventive in the use of geometry to further the field of aviation. Also, the use of Sonar and telegraphy was used and some of the questions can refer to the advancement of this technology.

  • Another big factor, is the building of positive, working relationships. We get a group of kids, who are interested in a common theme and we become united in working toward the goal of advancing our group in the invitational competitions all the way up to state. This is done through at least one invitational competition, a district competition and then hopefully a state placement. We also work some food into the trips to each of the competitions. McDonalds is usually on our list of necessities.